A Lazy June

black beans

Extra Cat



It has been a lazy June so far. I walk home from work, some days are sunny, some cloudy, most are hot. When I get home, Ian is usually already cooking fabulous dinners and we eat out on the balcony.

Extra Cat loves to come outside with us and is trying so very hard to be good. But she can't be good for long because she likes to squeeze underneath the railing to sit on the very edge of the balcony. Or jump up on the railing. Both are terrifying to watch and so we pluck her fluffy squirmy body from certain doom and put her back in the house. And then she looks at us through the window and it is so sad.

Mostly, though, Ian and I have been watching World Cup soccer! If you recall from four years ago, I am completely in LOVE with World Cup soccer. My favorite teams this year are the powerful and gloriously ponytailed Italians, the golden and beautiful baby lions of Germany, and the chiseled and triangle-torsoed team from the Côte d'Ivoire.

If it sounds like I'm mostly into soccer for the hot guys, you'd mostly be right. But I do enjoy the games and the suspense and the watching guys running and the skintight shirts and...wait...what?

Watching the games has put me in the mood to make more flag quilts...only instead of mini quilts, I want to make one huge quilt with all the flags. I had zero cobalt blue fabrics in my stash so I used the Hawthorne Threads color grid to help me pick. I'm very much looking forward to watching the games and making some flags this weekend.

Are you at all into the World Cup? Which is your favorite team? Did you see the one where it was raining and it was like a two hour wet t-shirt contest? That was a good game...