Four Words

I have just four words for you:


american flag mini quilt


american flag mini quilt


american flag mini quilt


american flag mini quilt

Can you believe it? The World Cup is finally here and Ian and I are so excited. You know I'm not into sports, right? I'm not actually even into soccer. But World Cup soccer captures my attention (and my heart) in much the same way as the Olympics. But since I have to wait four years to watch soccer, it's even more exciting!

Before you stop reading this because you aren't into World Cup Soccer, let me tell you just a few things I love about it.

First, I love watching these amazing athletes at the height of their skill and stamina (90 minutes of running? Come on!) I love watching the best of the best compete for the world's respect and a nation's pride. I love how they can make their bodies do things mine could never do. I love how they throw tantrums when they get hurt. I love how they throw tantrums when they pretend to get hurt. I love their tight, sculpted calf muscles and I love their glorious ponytails. I love how they get all sweaty and how cute they are when they're so totally focused on the game. I love when they celebrate a goal, like it's the most fulfilling moment of their lives. And I mentioned the ponytails, right?

Have I won you over yet? I could go on longer, if you like.

Ian and I have lots of fun things planned for this year's World Cup but it just wasn't enough. Because there were no quilts! But now there flag quilts, of course! I'm making them for all our favorite teams and first up is Team USA!

american flag mini quilt

To make your own 8"x15" American Flag quilt, you'll need the following:

Blue-ish dotty fabric (I used Nicey Jane - Hop Dot in Sky)
- 6.5" x 4.75"

Red/pink striped fabric (I used Nicey Jane - Welcome Road in Pink...make sure the stripes run parallel with the longer dimensions)
- 9.5" x 4.75"
-15.5" x 4.25"

Background Fabric - at least 16.5" x 9.5"
Batting - at least 16" x 9"
About 60" of binding

Sew your blue fabric to your small pink fabric along the 4.75" edge. Press and sew this to the second pink fabric and you're done! Quilt and bind as you like.

There will be more mini tutorials soon and in case you're wondering what to do with a mini flag quilt, see conversation below:

Me: "Look, an American flag mini-quilt! Isn't it awesome?"
Ian: "I guess, but what does one do with an American flag mini-quilt?"
Me: ...blank stare..."I don't know, put bowls of chips on it?"