Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Flag Quilts

Have you been watching the World Cup? Are you as annoyed by the vuvuzelas as I am? There are not enough glorious ponytails in the world to make those things not annoying.

But, I digress. I have another mini flag quilt to show you today. This time we have Mexico (one of my favorite teams):

mexican flag mini quilt

And Cameroon (Ian's underdog choice):

cameroon flag mini quilt

All you need to make an 8x12" flag quilt is:

-3 pieces of fabric in the appropriate colors measuring: 4.5" x 8.5".
-fabric for applique (if your flag requires it)

mexican flag mini quilt

The fun thing about this quilt is that it's double sided. You can pair together any flags that have the same ratio, in this case 2:3. (In full disclosure, Mexico's flag is 4:7 but I adapted it to 2:3. Don't be mad at me, Mexico! Your team has the most glorious ponytails of all!)

cameroon flag mini quilt

If you make a double sided mini quilt, remember that your front and back pieces will be exactly the same size. To make sure they line up, hold your quilt sandwich to the light to check. If they're not lined up exactly, readjust and check again. Then pin and quilt. Easy!

So, what do you think: should more flags have flowers on them? I'm a huge fan of the idea. Daisies on a field vert...who would be cruel enough to declare war on that country?