Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Flag Quilt: Portugal

World Cup soccer is coming to an end...just two more games and then it's over for another four years! Sadness! (Also, Germany is out...more sadness! How I love those baby lions!)

But, let's not think about that right now, let's think about mini flag quilts instead. Today we have the Portuguese flag:

portugal flag quilt

Poor Portugal. They lost their game before this quilt even got to Daisy (who lives in beautiful Portugal). If only it had gotten there sooner! But, at least it made it safe and sound and now she has a mini flag quilt to wave around (and put bowls of chips on) next time!

portugal flag quilt

Portugal has a sweet flag with lots going on...castles upon shields upon more shields upon a golden globe? Nice! Consequently, this flag quilt was the most intricate of the lot. I made appliques using Heat & Bond and then hand quilted through all the layers. Sometimes there were many layers!

portugal flag quilt

I'm still fascinated with flag quilts but I'm going to set aside the idea for now. Maybe in four years I'll make more...or maybe for the Olympics. One can never have too many mini flag quilts, I'm sure.