Around the World

So, there's a bit of a funny story about this quilt. My friend Linda loves my quilts. Almost every time I post a picture on Instagram, she asks if the quilt is available. And so far, every time, the quilt she likes has already been spoken for, or is a gift or it's one I'm keeping for myself.

One day I posted pictures of two quilts, an Around the World quilt using my beloved Neptune fabrics and a patchwork Denyse Schmidt quilt featuring original Flea Market Fancy fabrics. Of course, she loved both so much and I felt bad having to tell her that they were both for me.

At this point, I started to feel like Linda was Charlie Brown and I was holding the football. It's sort of funny but I felt bad too. So, I decided to make her a double sided quilt that mostly captured the spirit of the two quilts she liked so much.

This was my first try at making two completely different quilts and just throwing them together. I've made a few quilts that are "double sided" but they always match, you know? This one is just two totally different quilts. But I think it works!

I'm super proud of how I managed to keep the backing straight and in line with the front. A little careful basting was all it took! Well worth the extra effort and now I'm thinking of all the double sided quilt possibilities. It still freaks me out a bit, you know how much I love to be matchy-matchy. But I'm getting better about that.


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