Court Dance

Court dance is a fun little quilt, cut from fabric leftover from my Golden Vanity quilt. While I had the fabrics out last year, I cut a bunch of 8" squares and stashed them away for a future quilt top.


I also kept all of the 8" strips leftover from cutting the squares. I'd planned to put them back together in rainbow order for a quilt top someday.


When I found the squares and strips again, it made sense to put them together into one quilt, a quilt with two fronts, both sides fun and different.


This quilt is named after the court dance at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. This used to be the highlight of my days out at fest. There was this dance they always did, a large circle of couples twirling around, changing directions, smiling, flirting. The dance ended with the gentlemen twirling the ladies to their next partners, their skirts flashing in the sun, sparkling, a swirling rainbow of silk and velvet. That couple would start the dance anew, over and over, the lady would twirl to the next partner, skirts like bright jewels glittering in the autumn sun.


I made this quilt for my friend Sara. I really wanted to make her a quilt because Sara is a quilter. We quilters are always busy making things for other people and rarely do we receive quilts as gifts. My friend Jen made a quilt for me a few years ago so I know firsthand how special it feels to receive a quilt as a quilter.


Anyway, this is my 11th quilt finish for 2016. I'm still planning to finish 5 (possibly 7) gift quilts before the end of the year. 3.5 months...I need to get my butt in gear!


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