Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stashbusting - Progress!

Oh goodness, it feels good to be back to sewing and stashbusting. My machine was acting terribly at the end of 2016 and after just barely making it through finishing up a Christmas quilt (I was literally in tears from frustration), I sent it off to be fixed.

A few weeks went by for repairs and then a few weeks when I didn't feel like sewing. And now I'm back and so excited to finish up some quilts! But, before I jump back in to stashbusting again, I thought a progress report would be fun.

Since I started this whole crazy thing back in August 2016, I have completed two totally new quilts (as in, NOT a wip), sewed backs for at least 10 finished quilt tops (I didn't keep track and I only quilted two of them, both were gifts) and sewed binding for all the quilts that are waiting to be quilted. I also made a dozen or so small flannel blankets that I donated to the memory care center where my mom volunteers.

I probably used up about 50 yards of quilting fabric and 30 yards of flannel. Maybe more? It's hard to say since I'm not officially keeping track.


When I look at my shelves now, I see very little difference besides maybe neater fabric piles. But, when I look closer, there are actually differences. For one thing, every piece of fabric I own that isn't a wip is now on the shelves. That includes bolts of fabric that I didn't have pictured last time AND two new bolts for an upcoming project (I know, but it had to be done). Also on the shelves now are vintage sheets/tablecloths, silks and apparel fabrics. I had no room for these before so that's an accomplishment!

I also consolidated enough to make a little space for my basting spray, rotary cutter and scissors. And finally, I got rid of the stuff that was piled up on top of the wooden baskets (mostly batting and wips). Most of my stuff now fits IN the baskets, with a few exceptions because I'm lazy and sometimes just toss stuff up there and it pokes out the top.

Now that every finished top has a back/binding, I'm going to move on to wips. I have maybe a dozen or so quilts that are just blocks or pieces. And then, of course, I'll make backs/binding for those. I have two quilt tops that have been claimed by friends so I'll be quilting those up soon (good thing I already have backings and bindings for them!).

My next goal is to clear enough shelf space to stop double stacking at least some of my white scrap bins. I'm much better about putting things away when I can just drop scraps into the right basket.

Alright, that's enough for now. I'll be posting some finished quilts this week, I'm way behind!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Stashbusting - Pillowcases

Well, it's a new year and I'm back to sewing. First up on the to-do list: stashbusting! And today's stashbusting idea is my new favorite: pillowcases. So easy, so useful, so pretty! Especially with a crochet edging.


Each pillowcase, depending on the finished size you're going for, takes at least a yard of fabric.


I use the Posh Pillowcase tutorial which covers making the actual pillowcase and the crochet edging. (Links for the rest of the 4-part tutorial are located on the sidebar.)


I absolutely love how fast and easy these pillowcases are to make and how adorable they are when finished. I made 4 this weekend but I know I'm going to make more soon, some for me and some for gifts.

The cotton yarn is Baby-Bomull by Gjestal and I use a 3mm hook. If you want more pillow and crochet inspiration, check out Rose Hip. She makes the BEST crochet edge pillowcases!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We Are All Together

So...it's been quite a couple of months.

I feel like there's so much to talk about and yet, I don't really have the energy to say it all. In times like these, I turn to my blog, this comforting place filled with happiness and small accomplishments.

My quilting/stashbusting progress has been all but halted by my latest obsession: dyeing yarn. I'm slowly developing my style, figuring out the best size speckle (because I NEED more speckles) and the very best colors (oh so many of them, even purple!).


I'm enjoying getting to know a new medium, how the dye reacts with the yarn, how it moves through the water. Each drop of dye is a little world forming, no two are ever the same.


I have been dyeing yarn mostly for myself, and by that I mean: I dye yarn that I love. Dyeing yarn is art, a little bit of my heart. If I don't love what I create, I could never put it out in the world for other people to judge. As long as I do my best and take pride in my work, there's nothing to fear, no regrets.


I think about that now, about doing our best, about taking pride in this little life of ours. It shows up in how we act, how we treat other human beings, animals, the planet. The respect we have for ourselves is shown in how we respect others. We have very little control in this world but we do have control over that.


This year, more than any time before, I feel compelled to make things that make me happy, to be happy, to help others to be happy. I choose to do every task out of love for someone else, and myself. And. Not one or the other. There is no difference. I am with you...and more importantly: we are all together.