Stashbusting - Pillowcases

Well, it's a new year and I'm back to sewing. First up on the to-do list: stashbusting! And today's stashbusting idea is my new favorite: pillowcases. So easy, so useful, so pretty! Especially with a crochet edging.


Each pillowcase, depending on the finished size you're going for, takes at least a yard of fabric.


I use the Posh Pillowcase tutorial which covers making the actual pillowcase and the crochet edging. (Links for the rest of the 4-part tutorial are located on the sidebar.)


I absolutely love how fast and easy these pillowcases are to make and how adorable they are when finished. I made 4 this weekend but I know I'm going to make more soon, some for me and some for gifts.

The cotton yarn is Baby-Bomull by Gjestal and I use a 3mm hook. If you want more pillow and crochet inspiration, check out Rose Hip. She makes the BEST crochet edge pillowcases!


  1. Love this idea! So glad to see you back on the blog and sewing.


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