We Are All Together

So...it's been quite a couple of months.

I feel like there's so much to talk about and yet, I don't really have the energy to say it all. In times like these, I turn to my blog, this comforting place filled with happiness and small accomplishments.

My quilting/stashbusting progress has been all but halted by my latest obsession: dyeing yarn. I'm slowly developing my style, figuring out the best size speckle (because I NEED more speckles) and the very best colors (oh so many of them, even purple!).


I'm enjoying getting to know a new medium, how the dye reacts with the yarn, how it moves through the water. Each drop of dye is a little world forming, no two are ever the same.


I have been dyeing yarn mostly for myself, and by that I mean: I dye yarn that I love. Dyeing yarn is art, a little bit of my heart. If I don't love what I create, I could never put it out in the world for other people to judge. As long as I do my best and take pride in my work, there's nothing to fear, no regrets.


I think about that now, about doing our best, about taking pride in this little life of ours. It shows up in how we act, how we treat other human beings, animals, the planet. The respect we have for ourselves is shown in how we respect others. We have very little control in this world but we do have control over that.


This year, more than any time before, I feel compelled to make things that make me happy, to be happy, to help others to be happy. I choose to do every task out of love for someone else, and myself. And. Not one or the other. There is no difference. I am with you...and more importantly: we are all together.


  1. Have missed your blog. Glad to have you back! Love the yarns! I agree. We all want respect but we have to give it to get it.

  2. i love all your yarns! So pretty!


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