Tuesday, July 26, 2016

La Vie en Rose


Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of going to Paris. To see the Eiffel Tower, to walk along the Seine eating a croissant, surrounded by lovely songs played on lovely accordions played by lovely Frenchmen.

This summer, my dream finally came true! Ian and I, along with his parents, sister and niece, spent a week in London followed by a week in Paris. It was such a fun time!


Before our trip, I wanted to make a quilt for our almost 5 year-old niece who just so happens to be obsessed with the Eiffel Tower. I pulled scraps from the Bon Voyage quilt, added in some Liberty that I bought last time I was in London and purchased a few fleur de lis and Eiffel tower prints to round out the colors and theme. The back is an Eiffel Tower print by Michael Miller.


The pattern is Penny Patch by Rachel of Stitched in Color. It is such a great pattern and shows off the fabric beautifully!


Olivia loved her quilt and shows it to everyone who comes to her house. I'm so happy Olivia and I could see the Eiffel Tower together, to have our dreams come true. And I'm happy she has this quilt to help remember our trip together. I know I'll never forget it!

eiffel tower2

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blue Quilt for a Blue Girl

This is a totally new quilt that I whipped up the other day for my friend's eldest daughter who likes blue. This one was just so much fun!


I'm not really a primary/royal blue fan, I prefer aqua blues. So, it was no hardship at all cutting up about a quarter of my blue stash. And what I had leftover, I used on the back.


Some of these fabrics have been in my stash since the very beginning, as in, the very first designer fabrics I ever purchased. It felt a little wrong using them all up, like, every bit is gone now and can't be replaced. But when I thought about it more, I would't actually want to replace them. I want new fabrics, fabrics that are more my style now, fabrics that won't sit in my stash, not being used.


This is an awesome stashbuster quilt. All the prints can join in! Even those prints that don't seem to go with anything. I love how busy it is, these triangles and fabrics all smashed together. I really do love this quilt, even if I'm not a blue girl.

Friday, July 8, 2016

La Carlotta

la carlotta2

La Carlotta is a quilt top I made when I was obsessively watching the new (at that time) Phantom of the Opera movie. These bright colors (a little out of my comfort zone back then) reminded me of the bold and sassy La Carlotta character, especially that dark magenta. This quilt was given to my friend's middle child, a super cute girl who loves bright colors.

la carlotta1

The pattern for this quilt comes directly from a quilt that was made by my great grandma. It's a four patch where two squares are solid and two are the same print. I like how it gives the quilt a little structure while still maintaining that scrappy vibe.

la carlotta3

The back is also pieced like my great grandma's quilt. I love using prints from the front on the back, it's like two quilts in one! It's also a great way to use up some stash fabrics which you know I am all about these days. I've been fantasizing about using up literally ALL of my quilting fabric stash. Like, every last scrap! And then, and only then, will I buy new fabric.

I know that will take forever, if it's even possible, but I'm slowly working towards that goal with every quilt I make. I'm already seeing a teeny bit of progress which feels great.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Remember Wonky Log Cabins?


This quilt is an oldie for sure! I made these blocks in 2008 using scraps from my Winging It quilt. I always loved this little quilt top but never had anyone tiny to give it to.


Until now! My fried Svetlena has three kids and this quilt is just the right size for her youngest.


I don't have much more to say about this quilt except, remember wonky log cabins? I used to LOVE them! So did everyone else. Is that sort of thing still going on in the quilting community? Is there a super popular quilt trend right now that I don't know about?

Friday, July 1, 2016

So many quilts!

It's been pretty quiet on the blog lately, not because I haven't been working on anything but because I've just simply been too lazy to write blog posts. Over the next two weeks, I'm going to power through and show you all the quilts.


This quilt is called Evening Twilight, inspired by the long shadows cast as the sun sets. It's actually one in a pair of quilts that I designed and planned to write up as a pattern years ago. But, like most things where I have to write something, I was too lazy and never got around to it. If I can find my notes, I'll put up a tutorial for both quilts later this summer.


The back is made up of several large cuts of flannel. I was so, so happy to finally use that grey Anna Maria Horner print. It's been in my stash forever! My blue/green flannel stash is now down to pretty much nothing which feels great!!


This quilt went to live with my friend Jason and his family. Looking at these pictures reminds me that I watched Harry and the Hendersons while I was piecing the back and basting the quilt. It was a particularly fitting movie to watch while finishing up this quilt because Jason, Harry and I share a great love of animals and we're all also vegetarians. Do you remember that movie? Remember when Harry was upset when he saw the deer head mounted on the wall? As a kid, I was upset too. As an adult, I'm even more upset. For a dumb 80's movie, it was surprisingly thoughtful with a surprisingly sweet message.

Anyway, one quilt down, 4 to go!