La Carlotta

la carlotta2

La Carlotta is a quilt top I made when I was obsessively watching the new (at that time) Phantom of the Opera movie. These bright colors (a little out of my comfort zone back then) reminded me of the bold and sassy La Carlotta character, especially that dark magenta. This quilt was given to my friend's middle child, a super cute girl who loves bright colors.

la carlotta1

The pattern for this quilt comes directly from a quilt that was made by my great grandma. It's a four patch where two squares are solid and two are the same print. I like how it gives the quilt a little structure while still maintaining that scrappy vibe.

la carlotta3

The back is also pieced like my great grandma's quilt. I love using prints from the front on the back, it's like two quilts in one! It's also a great way to use up some stash fabrics which you know I am all about these days. I've been fantasizing about using up literally ALL of my quilting fabric stash. Like, every last scrap! And then, and only then, will I buy new fabric.

I know that will take forever, if it's even possible, but I'm slowly working towards that goal with every quilt I make. I'm already seeing a teeny bit of progress which feels great.


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