Blue Quilt for a Blue Girl

This is a totally new quilt that I whipped up the other day for my friend's eldest daughter who likes blue. This one was just so much fun!


I'm not really a primary/royal blue fan, I prefer aqua blues. So, it was no hardship at all cutting up about a quarter of my blue stash. And what I had leftover, I used on the back.


Some of these fabrics have been in my stash since the very beginning, as in, the very first designer fabrics I ever purchased. It felt a little wrong using them all up, like, every bit is gone now and can't be replaced. But when I thought about it more, I would't actually want to replace them. I want new fabrics, fabrics that are more my style now, fabrics that won't sit in my stash, not being used.


This is an awesome stashbuster quilt. All the prints can join in! Even those prints that don't seem to go with anything. I love how busy it is, these triangles and fabrics all smashed together. I really do love this quilt, even if I'm not a blue girl.


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