Vacation: Days 4-5

curvy improv2

curvy improv3

curvy improv4

curvy improv5

After I finished my Fest quilt last week, I was inspired to get back to work on this curvy improv orphan block quilt. These blocks came from Lynda and were her first try at sewing curved seams. And because she sent them to me, I sewed curved seams for the first time.

With my inspiration quilt in mind, I arranged blocks and bits and strips on my design wall until I found a layout that I liked.

Then I stared at it a long time trying to figure out how to piece it. Eventually, I found some large areas that could be divided up and marked them on the wall with ribbon. Then I worked to fill in those spaces with white fabric.

I really love how this top turned out! I didn't have enough of anything to back the quilt, not even all my bits and pieces put together so I bought something new that I think will work well. I didn't get it in time to work on it during my vacation but I'm planning to finish it up by the end of September. I'm really looking forward to quilting this one.


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