The Orphan Block Project: Lynda's Blocks

The first orphan blocks I received for this project were from Lynda who lives in Washington (jealous!!). She has an enormous fabric stash (again, jealous!) and makes lots of quilts to keep, to give away and as shop samples for a quilt shop in Alaska.

Lynda likes to experiment with different styles and lately really likes more modern designs. She's not into 30's prints, fabric with food on it or darker prints but she does like to work with solids and batiks.

Lynda's block are really neat and all very different from each other. Two of her orphan blocks came from her Pezzy quilt:


This one is her first attempt at piecing a star using leftovers. She thinks this one is a fail but I really like it!


She even sent leftovers from the project she was working on that day. These batik triangles are really neat! I've always wanted to try something with triangles. I've never used batik in a quilt before so incorporating these will be a fun challenge.


Lynda also sent six of these curved improv blocks. Can you believe that this is her first attempt at sewing curves? Can you believe that she sent them to ME?


I just have to take a moment to say this: I truly feel that when someone makes something for the first time, that thing is as special as a unicorn. I mean, that thing represents the first time someone tried a new technique or worked in a different medium. That's such an amazing thing! And to be the recipient of that special something is a great honor. That is how I feel when I look at these blocks: honored.

Lynda had planned to cut these blocks into strips to make a pick up stick quilt but then got busy with other projects. I can totally relate.

After pondering these curvy blocks this week, I think I'd like to put them together in an improv style quilt, something like this maybe. But with curves...somehow. I've never tried sewing curves before but I'm inspired by Lynda to try.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the other blocks yet. I'm waiting until I get a few more packages in the mail. Then I'll have lots of blocks and can see how they all inspire me. Thank you again, Lynda!!