The Orphan Block Project: Batik + Curves

While I was waiting for more orphan blocks to arrive, I decided to try out my curvy batik block idea. Lynda sent six of these blocks which will be more than enough to make an entire improv quilt top.

Lynda's Blocks for Orphan Block Project

I went through my stash to find solids that would look good with Lynda's bright fabrics. I found a few blues and also added grey for contrast. I was originally thinking about a super light blue background but I love the inspiration quilt so much that I decided to go with white.



Lynda's blocks are rectangles with straight sides. I wanted the new blocks to have at least one curvy side so I removed one or two curves from each block and replaced them with a strip of the background fabric. The curves I removed will be sewn to a background fabric and will become new blocks/improv pieces.

This is my very first curved seam ever:




I used this tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts and it worked like a charm!

Once I had the curves swapped out, I trimed the block to be square-ish and added background fabric to the other sides. The leftover pieces became smaller square blocks.

Here's where I left things...what do you think?



  1. That is looking pretty amazing! If I can them, I have a handful of teeny tiny blocks for you... they are spares and samples from working on my (still unfinished) Gypsy Wife quilt, but they are all mixed in with my fabric scraps, so I need to find time to filter through and fish them out for you.

    (Also, gah. My keyboard wonèt type an apostrophe - itès just making that accented e and I canèt remember what I need to change to get the regular keyboard back!)

  2. looks great! I've never tried curves, so good on you! I think this will be pretty cool when it's done!


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