Lemon Bento

Lemon Bento is a fun little quilt that I started way back in 2009 when I (and everyone else!) was obsessed with Bento Box quilts.

I remember I had to buy yellow fabric for this quilt because I didn't have ANY! Why did I need to make a yellow bento box quilt? I have no idea! I had other fabrics that would have worked just as well.

Anyway, I made a few blocks, ran out of yellow fabric and called it quits. But, while I was at it, I wrote up a tutorial for a faster way to make these blocks.

I have this quilt to thank for "introducing" me to one of my very best friends, Jen. In her words: "That Bento quilt is the post I found to start stalking, I mean 'following', you!" Without this quilt, would we ever have met? Who can know but I'm so very thankful that fate brought us together.

This little quilt lives at Jen's house now which makes me really happy!