Tiny Seas

A lot of the time, when I'm working on a quilt, I'll keep all the scraps together until I'm finished. Oftentimes they're the same size and are fun to sew back together. I LOVE making one quilt out of the scraps of another and usually the second quilt is my favorite!

Tiny Seas is a quilt made out of scraps from my Mermaid School quilt. Those angled pieces left a lot of scraps. Precious Mendocino and Neptune scraps! You all know how much I treasure both and never want to waste a single piece.

I really loved what happened when I paired two prints together. To me, these blocks look like an ocean dollhouse, each room a little scene into another world. Some rooms are sandy shallows, some are murky depths.

This quilt is backed with large pieces of brown, orange and aqua Kona cotton solids and bits of Mendocino. I gave this quilt to friends who were immediately enamored of the sea creatures swimming around. I can't blame them, I do love this quilt!


  1. This quilt is awesome. I have been making scrap quilts for over 2 years now. Time to update my stash. I love that you used every left over.


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