Golden Vanity

Fly the Flag quilt

fly the flag quilt2

fly the flag quilt3

fly the flag quilt5

fly the flag quilt4

fly the flag quilt6

At last! Ian and I finally had a few minutes to take pictures of my finished fest quilt.

I've decided to call it "Golden Vanity", named after a much beloved song from my days out at the festival. More than that, though, it brings to mind all the misty mornings and golden autumn afternoons. The vainglorious characters, the loves, the longings, and the losses, the laughter and tears. Those wonderful, awful, overwhelmingly lovely and heartbreakingly beautiful days.

This quilt is a cacophony of color and movement. Some loops are secretly hearts, each one a memory of a long, lost love. There is even one to represent the girl I used to be, the bright-eyed lass of my youth. They are all gone but will never be forgotten.


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