Stashbusting - Temptations!

When I started thinking about stashbusting to the max, I was pretty confident that I wouldn't buy any fabric. It's been a while since I've been tempted by a new fabric line and if something did happen to catch my eye, I'd usually forget about it after a day or two.

And then a few weeks ago I was on instagram and saw this Joie de Vivre print:

Gasp! Did my heart love till now?!

I knew right then that I had to have it. HAD TO! As in, if I didn't buy it, I would regret it forever. Okay, maybe not forever in a Heather Ross Mendocino or Tula Pink Neptune kind of way, but almost.

And so, I bought it. I knew full well I was breaking my solemn vow and I didn't feel one bit of remorse. And here's why: after 7 years of quilting, I know enough of myself to know a heartbreak fabric when I see it.

And that is why I must now admit my folly: I had completely forgotten about true love fabrics and how sometimes they find you at inconvenient times. Usually right after you make a stashbusting vow!

A prime example: Sandi Henderson, designer of my very first true love fabric, just released a new line of fabrics after years and years. I honestly thought she was out of the fabric designing business but thankfully I was wrong. I could NOT let this fabric pass me by. But, I only bought the prints that I absolutely loved.

fabric 1

And you all know my obsession with Moonrise Kingdom, right? So, I saw this fabric the other day and knew it was THE perfect fabric for another Moonrise Kingdom quilt. I created this little bundle and bought it right away. I'm so glad I did because now the Camping Supplies print is sold out!

fabric 2

So, I've been doing a bad, bad job of not buying fabric. I will admit that. But, I don't feel like this is a setback. You'll notice that these are all fabrics I LOVE. You'll also notice that in no way was I tempted to buy every print in the fabric line. I just bought the few that I couldn't live without. And, I was not tempted to keep adding fabric to my order until I got free shipping. I avoided all these temptations which I think is a major accomplishment.

So, if you are stashbusting, let me share my tips for avoiding temptation and responsibly adding fabric to your stash during this time.

How to avoid temptation:
-do not shop for fabric (obvious but really hard to remember sometimes)
-if you must buy fabric, buy only true love prints
-if you must buy true love prints, buy a reasonable amount, like, only what you think you'll use in one quilt or a reasonable amount of time (for me, this is 1/2yd; sometimes I'd prefer 1/4yd but that's not always an option). Remember, you are stashing/stashbusting, not hoarding!
-if you can, try to keep the fabric in your cart for a day or two before purchasing. Chances are good that you'll put back a print or two (or not buy any at all) after taking some time to think about it.

The following are NOT true love prints:
-novelty prints that are cute but never seem to get used (you might actually use these, I usually don't)
-colors that your stash shows you never use (seriously, I have enough pink!)
-every print in a fabric line because, you know, they all go together even though, separately, you don't even really like some of the prints
-fabric you wouldn't normally buy but it's on sale!
-prints that you add at the end to fill up a flat rate envelope or to get free shipping

Hopefully that helps you on your journey to stashbust to the max (or to whatever level you're hoping to achieve). You WILL be tempted to buy fabric. My advice is to resist most of it but don't deny yourself a chance at true love. Some fabrics come along just once in a lifetime.


  1. oh wow…I love ALL these! That alphabet one is to DIE for! That would be so cute as backing on a baby quilt. hmm… It's so pretty, I couldn't imaging cutting it up, ya know?

    I love the camping ones. and the Sandi Henderson! I haven't shopped for fabric in so long I don't even know what's out there now!

    Love the tips. But I maybe need a few yards of that Alphabet one….


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