So much stuff, so little space.

Oh no! I forgot my lunch and I had just enough change to buy something from the overly expensive vending machines downstairs. It was a newfangled contraption and instead of pushing the code for a nut-roll, I accidentally bought a really humongous KitKat bar. Peanuts…that would have been just the thing to fend off hunger. But wafers? I’m doomed!

To take my mind off the sadness of this event, I’ll post pictures of my soon-to-be Ginger Blossom pillows:

ginger blossom pillows

I’m in the process of rearranging my house, namely the studio and the living area. As it is right now, I don’t have a living area. I don’t even have a couch! Instead, I have two studios…one for sewing and one for storing all the stuff I don’t use often.

I really need to get into the “storage” room and put everything away. In one nook I’d love to have a sitting area, in the other, a photo studio and in the last nook, a place to put my painting table. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? A place to curl up with some crochet and a movie? A photo studio that’s always ready for quick photo shoots? A place to sit quietly and paint? Is that really too much to ask?

Actually, yes, for me it is too much to ask. I’m trying to get better about putting things away after I use them, to stay organized. It’s hard but I’m already doing so much better. Having something to look forward to sure helps. That’s where these pillows come in.

ginger blossom pillows

I recently re-acquired my old twin bed frame and plan to set it up like a daybed…covered with mounds of pillows and quilts. I expect holiday gifts will take up most of my time from now until January but after that, I’ll be all about the cozy sitting area.