The Little One

little quilt2

I've been going through my stack of finished quilt tops and dividing them into two categories: quilts I for sure want to keep and quilts I could probably stand to give away. I know I can't keep ALL THE QUILTS.

Now I'm slowly, one at a time, asking friends and family if they would be interested in giving any of them a good home. Each quilt can take a few weekends to finish (and sometimes I don't feel like quilting and I set it aside for a while) so the process is slow but steady.

We had our good friends Ruth and Jason over the other day and they picked out their favorite quilt tops from the stack. And their (almost) 5 year old daughter picked out "the little one".

little quilt5

I started this quilt way back in 2009 with a different block layout in mind. I don't remember when I finished this top or why I changed my mind but I love how it turned out. It is little, just 36"x36".

little quilt3

It has some of my very favorite (and very first!) quilting fabrics. Remember Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market? She was my absolute favorite designer and I bought EVERY print I could find/afford. (Looks like she has a new fabric line coming out after all these years, omg!)

little quilt4

I like to back smaller quilts in flannel with no batting. It makes them soft and warm and easier to wrap around little shoulders. I remember the night I got that pink Folksy Flannel in the mail. 2009 seems like a lifetime ago!

little quilt

I'm looking forward to finishing up a few more quilt tops over the next couple of months. Slowly, I will finish all the quilts!


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