A Snow Day!

I got snowed in yesterday. After my car got stuck in the driveway three times (despite shoveling a path for the tires) and then got stuck in the street once, I called in to work to admit my defeat.

When I was a kid, a snow day used to be the very definition of fun. Now that I have to spend my snow days shoveling the driveway, it's not quite the same.

Two good things came out of my unexpected day off, though. First, I got about a million yards of fabric ironed and folded and put away. My back and arms were so tired from shoveling that this was about all I had the strength to do.

The second thing was that I was there when the mailman dropped off my Folksy Flannel!

folksy flannel

Can you believe how warm and cozy this looks? This flannel is so soft and the colors are fantastic! I got such a great deal thanks to Jen's hint about the sale at quilthome.com (sign up for their newsletter for secret deals!) After the 25% off and the free shipping, this flannel cost less per yard than regular quilting fabric. Now I don't feel bad for breaking my "no buying fabric for quilt backs" rule. It's like I'm saving money, right?

Tonight I'm going to Ian's house for a "pizza and The Office" date night and I'm super excited. I'm so sore from shoveling that I need a break from the temptations of the studio. That fabric, it calls to me! But my quilting muscles need a break. Plus, you know, I like to hang out with Ian...so it's a win/win!