November's Accomplishments + December's Goals







You guys, I totally did it! I finished everything on my holiday to-do list. I simplified a few things and added in another gift at the last minute. I have almost everything wrapped and some gifts are packaged for mailing. I didn't wash the two quilts I finished because I'm lazy and hate doing laundry. But I'll wash them this weekend and take pictures before wrapping them up.

It feels SO good to be finished with everything. I'm definitely going to try to do this again next year. I just feel so stress-free!

So, what's on the to-do list for December? This one is easy: whatever I want!

Here's my list so far:
-Make cookies using my great grandma's cookie press
-Finish my big, huge sweater
-Decorate my tiny silver tree
-Make felted soap
-Knit a super warm cowl for my walks
-Watch the Nutcracker (in person or on tv?)
-Work on wips but only the fun ones: stars, spiderweb blocks, log cabins
-Sew a diamond stocking or something else with diamonds?
-Drink Saint Brendan's Irish Cream
-Twilight marathon
-Harry Potter marathon
-Takeout pizza and wine night

Uh oh...I can see where this is headed!

But seriously, I'm just really excited to have this month to do whatever I want. No pressure, no obligations. Just fun times working in the studio and spending time with friends and family.