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I was sick all weekend! I should have been working on lots of things, like my Halloween Sparkling Cider quilt or putting away all the laundry Ian washed this weekend. But I just couldn't. Instead, I sat on the couch for three days, knitted and watched The Walking Dead. So scary! I watched all of season 4 and I'm halfway through season 5. So far, season 5 is my favorite! It's not as scary, zombie-wise, and I really like how the episodes are structured.

But, what I really wanted to talk to you about today is what I was knitting. You guys: I'm knitting a sweater! I've been asking my friend Sara endless sweater questions in preparation for this and I decided to just finally start knitting. It's going to be big and messy and hopefully it'll fit alright. It'll mostly be for wearing at home in the winter so it doesn't actually have to look good. But I hope it does! I was SO inspired by Anna Maria Horner's big, bulky, stripey sweater. I'm holding three yarns at once and when one runs out, I just add in another. So far I'm sticking with blues and some green and grey. I might change my mind and add in something else but for now, I really like how these colors look together.

I accidentally knitted past where I needed to join together for the neck opening (read your pattern carefully!) so I had to rip out 13 rows, join, then re-knit those same 13 rows. Sigh...

But, it was a fun weekend and even though I felt bad, I still had a fun time knitting with the cats and zombies. I have a four day weekend coming up (and it's Halloween!) so I hope to get back to quilting soon. I'm really looking forward to having another finished couch quilt (as you can see, the cats and I have been getting lots of use out of my Golden Vanity quilt).


  1. wow….I'm sort of speechless. This sweater is going to be amazing! I really wish I knew how to knit better or kinda at all for that matter since I literally can do 2 stitches (kind of) and if I drop a stitch or miscount, then I rip it all out… and quite honestly as much as i LOVE knitted EVERYTHING, it doesn't motivate me enough to want to learn or practice more. :( So it will have to be one of those thing that I wish I knew how to do and I love everything I see that's knitted and just live with that… Your sweater is going to be AMAZING and so much better than anything in a store! I just went last night to get some sweaters since I own about 4 long sleeved shirts and couldn't find crap! I got a couple but they aren't anything amazing, that's for sure!


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