Speckled Gradients

Just taking a quilting break to talk about some really cool yarn I just bought.

These skeins were dyed by my friend Sara. She knits so many beautiful things and spins yarn and writes patterns...and now she's dyeing yarn too!

knottygnome yarn

One of the reasons I just HAD to try this yarn is because Sara uses natural dyes. These are dyed with Indigo, Brazilwood and osage orange.

She also uses a special dyeing process that produces a speckled gradient fabric. It's like ombre but better! I'm trying to be very good and not start another pair of socks until I finish one pair (I have two going right now). But as soon as my panther socks are finished, I'm casting on a pair of speckled gradient socks. It's going to be amazing!

If you want to make your own speckled gradient socks or other things, speckled or not, there are plenty of skeins left in Sara's yarn store. No, I did not buy ALL the yarn...but I see she has some new colors in...hmmmm...


  1. aww, thanks for the plug! very sweet of you. i am excited to see socks out of this yarn. hurry up and finish the black ones. :)


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