Dirty Panther Socks

Check it out, you guys...cables!!

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Dirty Panther. It's darker in person.

After watching several youtube videos, I finally understand what the heck is going on with cables. And it's not so hard after all. Perhaps my long dreamed of "bulky cable-knit sitting by the fire at cozy ski lodge" sweater could actually be real one day? All I know is that I'm one step closer.

I'm also one step closer to my dream of only wearing hand-knit socks. My first priority is black/black-ish socks to wear to work. I know cables don't really show up well with black yarn but that's sort of the point...if I make mistakes on my first cable experiment, they won't show. Also, knitting black socks is a bit boring and cables are making it more fun.

I'd like to knit at least 5 pairs so I can wear them all week at work and then wash them all at once on the weekends. I can knit a pair at least every other month so by next winter, I'll be all set!

And just so this post isn't all yarny, here's a picture of my brother's 4 month-old Goldendoodle Luna:


She's so tired!!


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