Such Fun!

Good morning to you! I've been watching lots of, what I call, Miranda, so you should know that I'm typing this post with a British accent. Such fun!

It's been quiet around our house lately and my hands have finally recovered from my frantic holiday knitting. I literally finished my mom's socks the morning I headed up north for our holiday weekend. She loved them which made my oh so tired hands totally worth it. Also, when my aunt opened her socks, her husband said "those look like socks a mermaid would wear" which is exactly what I was going for! She is, if you recall, obsessed with mermaids.

I also made a few Jane Market Bags for Ian's parents and this darling Miss Maggie Rabbit for his 2-year-old niece Olivia:

olivia bunny

I don't normally enjoy sewing dolls but Miss Maggie Rabbit was a dream to put together. She's entirely hand sewn and I enjoyed every stitch. The Liberty dress was sewn by machine but wasn't fussy or complicated to make. I didn't have time to make Maggie any accessories but I'm planning a few things for Olivia's birthday in October. I was originally thinking clothes but now I'm adding this to the list. Swoon...

Now that the holiday rush is over, I've been slowly knitting a pair of socks with Lorna's Laces Solemate yarn in "Once Upon a Time".

Once Upon a Time

I'm not really a purple kind of gal but this is bordering on pink plus grey! Lovely.

I've been tossing around some ideas for a few creative goals for this year. I'd really love to learn to knit cables and perhaps get back into drawing/painting.

One of my goals for the new year is already coming true next weekend...Ian and I are throwing a party at our new place. It's taken us 5 months to get settled in and, if you can believe it, there's still more work to do. The party is forcing us to hang pictures and purchase rugs...the finishing touches, if you will. I'm so very, very excited. I can't wait to have all of my very favorite friends together in our tiny apartment. As my great-uncle Jack said to me at the holiday party this year "The secret to a happy life is: cheap wine and good friends." I couldn't agree more!


  1. I love the bunny! So cute! and those socks are totally purple and I'm going to get you to love that color! ;) If you want to practice drawing girls in gowns…practice away and send the sketches to me! haha! I need more to hang along with 1 I already have.

    Have fun at your party! Wish I could be there! Can't wait to hear about it!


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