Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye Jane

So, um, do you remember when I decided to start a Dear Jane quilt...again? You know, for real this time?

Well, it was probably pretty obvious to everyone but me that I would give up on this quilt, pretty much right away. I think it's time to accept the inevitable: after starting this quilt 3 different times, I'm saying goodbye to my dearest Jane. I have over a dozen blocks finished and quilted and I'm looking forward to turning them into a mini quilt. That way Jane can always be with me.

I have more thoughts about what draws me back to this quilt and why I lose interest so quickly...and all those thoughts are leading to new, more fulfilling quilt-related plans. More on that later.

For now, I want to show you what I made from all the Liberty triangles I'd already cut for the border of the Dear Jane quilt:

Liberty Triangle

I'd saved all the triangle scraps leftover from cutting the large triangles and thought it would be fun to sew everything back together. I love the crazy, slanty triangles and the mash-up of these tiny Liberty prints. I can't wait to finish this little quilt and get better looks so much better in person.

Liberty Triangle2

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Little Toes

So, I was working away on my seawash socks but it wasn't long before the combination of tiny stitches and slightly sticky needles started to hurt my hands. Perhaps I knit too tightly, perhaps it was the hours upon hours I spent binge knitting...but whatever, they hurt. I decided to try a pair of Addi Sock Rockets to see if the super slippery nickel coating helped at all. And it did! These are my absolute favorite needles so far. The cables are soft and the needles are slippery and pointy.

And while I was trying them out, I started a new pair of socks, of course! Check it out...two little toes knit at the same time!


The yarn is Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) in 306 and 704.


Also pictured are 516 and 701. Just a heads up...701 (the purple skein on the right) looks nothing at all like it did on the website. What's up with that?

Each skein makes only one sock so I'm going to make two mis-matched pairs. I like getting to sample lots of yarn and I know I'll never get bored knitting these socks. I love the colors!


For those of you who are sick of all this knitting talk, I'll have a real quilting update soon.'s made of Liberty but it's not a Dear Jane block...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's Just Like a REAL Sock!

You guys, check it out: I'm knitting socks!

seawash sock

Well, one sock...but it's my new favorite thing! When I first started knitting a few months ago I briefly thought about and then quickly dismissed the idea of knitting socks. They mostly seem fussy and difficult and I don't even wear colorful socks anyway.

But then I saw knitted socks everywhere. And they were so cute and bright and pretty and maybe I could just give them a try once and maybe I could wear them with pajamas or something.

But then I remembered how I never want to use double pointed needles ever again. No thank you, socks!

But then I saw Amanda's super cute pair of pink sock-toes and my whole world changed. You don't need to use dpn's to knit socks. And you can knit them from the toe up! And you can knit two at a time!!

Absolutely every one of my reservations fell away and I immediately bought a book, a bunch of gorgeous and super flippin' bright sock yarn, and a pair of circular needles.

sock yarn

So far I love making socks! Do you? Tell me all about it!!