Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bottled Rainbows: Ruby

Today's Bottled Rainbows block is Ruby (made with Kona Ruby):

Bottled Rainbows: Ruby

This block has some of my very favorite red scraps in it. They're left over from a red quilt top I made this winter. And since I had so much fun working on that top, it was extra fun pulling out all these red scraps again.

Bottled Rainbows: Ruby

And you know what else? Mixed in with mine are some beautiful scraps from my friend Jen. She sent them when I was working on another scrap quilt. And now we're making a scrappy star quilt. So many scraps!

I just really love this's so cheery and fun and makes me think of friends and summer and picnics. It also makes me want to make another red quilt...but that'll have to wait until I finish my first one. Dang!

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