Scrappy Blocks

So check it out...I finished three blocks last night! I'm completely in love with them!

scrappy quilt

I especially love how every tiny scrap gets used.

scrappy quilt3

And how it looks complicated but it's so simple!

scrappy quilt2

These blocks (plus some other scraps I sewed together but haven't yet turned into blocks) took a total of eight hours over three days. I know that seems like an incredibly slow pace but I'm in no hurry. Plus, piecing all those strips randomly is so much fun!

I didn't think I would get much sewing time last night. In fact, I probably would have lounged on the couch with Ian after book club. But instead, I put in a solid 2.5 hours of work. I'd only planned to complete one block but I finished three.

I can already tell this "make something every day" thing is going to be good for me. Getting started is always the hardest part...once I do that, I usually forget to look at the clock. I love when one tiny minute of sewing turns into hours and hours.

So what about you? Do you have any sewing/creating plans for the weekend?