Bottled Rainbows: Turquoise

This weekend was so fun. Ian was out of town so I spent just about every second of every day in the studio working on my Bottled Rainbows quilt and watching Lost. (I heart Lost + Netflix streaming!)

I finished all 16 base blocks and sewed the final scrap to my 7th block late last night. Just 9 to go!

Today's block is Turquoise (Kona Peacock):

Bottled Rainbows: Turquoise

I have lots of aqua in my stash but not so much turquoise. Thankfully, I made an impulse buy this summer that included a few blue prints by Jennifer Pagnelli. I also found one scrap of blue Katie Jump Rope while I was digging through my "blue" bin. I thought I'd used it all up so it was a nice surprise.

And check it Lime block was featured on Rachel's blog this weekend. Exciting!