Busy Days

I feel like summer is going by so slowly. I haven't been sewing much and I usually measure time by how many things I make. When I stopped to think about it, I realized it's nearly the end of August!

And then I realized the end of August is going to be busy! My parents are coming into town on Wednesday, we're all going to the Minnesota State Fair on Thursday, I'm having dinner with friends on Friday, I'm helping Ian pack up on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and then he's moving into my house on Tuesday.

I can't believe there's going to be a boy living in my house. How strange.

I'm sure we'll stay up all night talking about fabric and quilts and Twilight. That's what happens when boys live with you, right?

So, before all the late night gossip sessions start, I'd like to focus on simplicity, on being calm, on not freaking out about the busy week ahead. Instead, I'll post pretty pictures of fabric. I'll sigh contentedly and dream about what I could make with these fabrics by Jennifer Pagnelli. She has the best magenta fabric around! I bet Ian would love a magenta quilt for our bed!

Jennifer Paganelli fabric

By far my favorite print is Kimberly in Green from Jennifer's Dance With Me collection. I only bought a yard but I wish I bought more. I'd love to back a summery quilt with this. It's so dreamy with the sun falling through the leaves...I want to take it on a picnic.

Jennifer Paganelli fabric