Pinked Pillow

So, as I said in my last post, I got distracted by a bin of truly tiny fabric scraps. Maybe inspired by is a better way to put it. So, here's the project that took most of the day but was way more fun than organizing craft stuff:

pinked pillow

After seeing Crazy Mom's Ticker Tape quilt and then Jen's version, I'd been thinking about trying the technique for myself.

Except I knew I wanted the edges to be pinked. Because one time I bought fabric and the seller cut the edges with a pinking shears and I washed it and it didn't fray or tangle in the wash and I've been sold on pinked edges ever since. Plus, the edges look like mini ruffles and you know how much I love that sort of thing.

It's a pretty simple process. Cut your center square and layer pieces around it, log cabin style.


Sew around each rectangle.


Layer and sew a row at a time.


Add rows until the space is all filled up or you run out of scraps.


To finish it off, use a wider strip as the final row.


I'd love to make more of these as I have lots of fabric scraps, more ideas for layout design and three more throw pillows to cover. Although...I might not make a pillow next time...maybe a mini-quilt or a real quilt. Or both...or all three. I also can't wait to wash this...I hope the edges look as fluffy and cute as I imagine they will.

pinked pillow

Fun, right?