Jane Eyre

Do you guys read the Yummygoods blog? If you don't, you really should. Melissa Averinos is such a neat person who writes such a neat blog. She's a designer, an artist, a lover of rust and unicorns, an organizer of colors and a hater of stars.

And my favorite thing about Melissa: she rivals even me in her obsessions. It's endearing to the max! And the reason I'm telling you all this is because I'm joining in on Melissa's latest obsession: Jane Eyre.

Well, to be honest, I think hers is more a Mr. Rochester obsession. And Melissa and her gal-pal Beth Dunn are hosting a Bronte-along and you can join too!

reading Jane Eyre

My own history with Jane Eyre is simple: I started to read it a few years ago, got about 20 pages in and quit. After Melissa's glowing recommendation, though, I had to pick it up again. And while I can't say I'm obsessed, I can say that I'm enjoying the story and, mostly, the characters. Unlike Austen, Bronte's characters have substance, they actually talk to each other. In Jane Eyre, one's character is not determined by their preference for or aversion to dancing.

The character I like the most so far is Rochester. Not because he's swoon-worthy (which I've heard is true but haven't yet seen) but because he's so contrary and particular.

"Ah! well, come forward; be seated here." He drew a chair near his own. "I am not fond of the prattle of children," he continued; "for, old bachelor as I am, I have no pleasant associations connected with their lisp. It would be intolerable to me to pass a whole evening tête-à-tête with a brat. Don't draw that chair farther off, Miss Eyre; sit down exactly where I placed it - if you please, that is. Confound these civilities! I continually forget them."

And so, my contribution to the Bronte-along is this little tea towel embroidery I worked up last night.

Jane Eyre embroidery

And this is going to be my last Jane Eyre embroidery because I remembered that I don't actually like to embroider. But! I'd love to work up something else if inspiration strikes. A painting or a sketch maybe?

I'm waiting until I finish the book to watch the movie. A book is a huge time investment compared to a movie and as such, I prefer to be surprised at the turn of events. I know I'm missing out on all the cravats and wolverine-style haircuts but I'll watch it soon enough.


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