Bronte-Along: Dresses

You all know I like dresses, right? Like, really like them. Dresses are so important to me that if a movie has bad dresses, I don't like that movie (To Catch a Thief, I'm looking at you!)

I also really love hats...not newfangled hats but old timey hats. The more ribbons/feathers/veils, the better!

So, where am I going with this? Well, I thought making some Jane Eyre-inspired clothes for the Bronte-Along would be fun. You know, maybe a spring jacket or something? Unfortunately, after doing some research, I remembered that I'm not really a fan of 1840's fashion.

It's true that these dresses are beautiful in their simplicity but I find that the enormous amount of brown and the scant amount of ornamentation prevents our love from blooming. To be honest, I find them dull and boring...sometimes even ugly.


But! There are always exceptions to the rule, like Jane Eyre herself:

Cotton Dress, 1840
Cotton Dress ca. 1840

Cotton Dress, 1841-1844
Cotton Dress, 1841-1844

Bonnet, 1840-1850
Bonnet, 1840-1850

Nice, right?

If I end up making any clothes, it'll be during the Austen-Along. I've wanted to make a Regency dress for a long time...and a Spencer is on my list for sure. So, we'll see...