Monday, January 11, 2010

New Studio!

So far, the only January goal I've accomplished is to straighten up my studio. But it's a different studio than you saw last time. It turns out I'm still terrible at keeping large rooms organized and I was constantly overwhelmed by the disorganization. So I moved just my sewing stuff into one of the small bedrooms. It's very small (not quite 10'x10') but I find that cozy works for me.

This is what you see when you walk in:

sewing studio

I have all my quilting fabric on my Ikea tv stand (there are notes on the flickr picture if you want to know what is what). And I'm watching Frasier, of course! To the right is my cutting table (and the stripey curtains I made):

sewing studio

And to the further right is my sewing table:

sewing studio

Um, you should know that I'm too lazy to buy that's why the toilet paper is there.

And this is looking back at the door and my design wall and ironing table (against the freshly painted aqua wall):

sewing studio

I really like having ONLY sewing stuff in the room. And I like that everything is close and I don't waste time walking all over the studio. I also like that there's nothing to mess up...all fabric goes back on the shelves, all tools go back into the bucket on the sewing table, all rulers go back on the wall and I'm done straightening up.

For now, the old studio looks pretty abandoned...there's a lot of junk in there that I'm going to organize as one of my other January goals. My February goal will be to turn it into a guest bedroom/craft room/painting studio. But I'm not going to think about that now...I have my January goals to accomplish first.