A little more progress

I was going to post about this tomorrow but I'm a little grossed out by the whole dairy thing so I think a pleasant-er topic is in order. So, another thing I managed to do this weekend, despite the headache, was work on the studio. I finished covering my design wall and assembled the tv stand (and filled it up with yarn and movies):

design wall and tv stand in studio

The design wall is made of three panels of extruded polystyrene insulation that I cut to the correct height for my wall. I put two layers of felt on each panel and wrapped the extra around to the back. It's secured with quilting pins in groups of two or three set at opposite angles, not straight in. The total cost was nearly $60 if you count the pins (I used a lot of pins). The finished size is 12' x 5.5'.

new studio

In addition to setting up my shelves in the closet and sorting some boxes, I worked on some fabric napkins:

sewing machine by the window

and baby quilts for the holiday craft sale:

new projects on the design wall

sneak peak

And that's about it. Ian and I saw Inglourious Basterds one night and made pizza and watched Lethal Weapon another. There will be more unpacking this week until I can find my thimble. And when I do, I'm going to take about a four hour break to finish the binding on the quilt above. I'm excited because, well, polka dots! Wouldn't you be excited?