Return of the Ripple Blanket

J asked me the other day if I was still working on my ripple blanket. And can you believe that after all that obsession (and all that yarn store terror!) I'd totally forgotten about it?

ripple blanket

But now I'm excited to work on it again! I don't know when I'll have the time to pull it out of its box...maybe it can be one of my January projects? But, since I didn't want to have to wait until January to ripple stitch (and since I had to re-learn how to do the stitch anyway), I worked up some dishcloths for practice.

ripple dishcloth

I tried the original pattern the first time around and ended up with only two ripples...and you know that's just not enough for me. I decreased the number of stitches in each repeat to get more ripples per inch.

I'm making these for my mom because I already have so many beautiful dishcloths to use at my house. And I'm using up some miscellaneous yarn ends because they're fun and because my mom likes things a little crazy.

Are you guys crocheting or knitting any holiday gifts this year? This'll be it for me...I'm mostly making stuff out of fabric this time around.