Venetian: Day 6

Looks like I'm going to finish this dress in exactly a week! Well, a week if I only count the days I actually worked on it, which I am.

Day 6: finished hem.

That's right, no more pins gouging my ankles:

hem of venetian dress

I love hand-sewing hems! I love it in the way I love sewing the binding onto quilts...I like the feeling of tacking the fabric, one stitch at a time, into its final place. I'm a bit of a control freak like that.

Anyway, the inside of the hem is at the bottom of the photo, the outside at the top (the blue needle is pointing to it because it's hard to see...which is the point). All 100" took me about two hours because I'm slow like that. And because I was watching Buffy and got distracted a lot.

I also fiddled around with the shoulder straps a bit...I cut them and repositioned them and I think it toned down the gaping a little bit.

And now, an important decision must be made and I'd like your opinion on the matter. Which sleeves do you think look the best? And sorry about the sloppy bodice, I didn't feel like lacing it up (it takes almost 10 minutes!)

red sleevesgold sleeves

Red velvet or gold silk...I can't decide. Help!

*edit* I made these sleeves a long time ago to wear with my Elizabethan dress...I won't have time to make new sleeves out of my red/gold fabric this week. */edit*

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