Good and bad

Some things that were good about the weekend:

1) I ordered fabric on Friday on a whim. I'd been thinking long and hard about buying new fabric since I was so good about cutting up my Freshcut fabric a few weeks ago. I was close to buying some Mendocino fabric and also some Good Folks. Then I went and bought totally random fabric that was neither Mendocino nor Good Folks. Well, actually, I did manage to get a few Good Folks prints but not many. I can't even actually remember all the fabrics I bought so I guess we'll all have to wait until they show up in the mail.

2) My boyfriend came over on Saturday to help me bring some furniture out to my front yard. We put a big "free" sign on the pile and drove away. Sunday morning it was all gone! I hate getting rid of stuff but there comes a time when a person just has too much stuff.

3) I assembled some Ikea furniture. Nothing too special but it felt good to get it done.

4) My boyfriend and I made excellent pizza and strawberry sorbet. He made the pizza dough from scratch. The sorbet came from the ice cream maker he bought me a few weeks back.

5) The drive-in is open! We didn't go but I'm planning to go the first weekend they play something I want to see.

Some things that were bad about the weekend:

1) I got a terrible headache on Sunday that could not be stopped by modern medicine which resulted in me:

2) not working on the studio at all and

3) not working on any projects and

4) not reading any books and

5) forgetting to get photos off my camera so I could show you my ripple blanket.

I'm feeling mostly better today but the headache is there, waiting to come back. Tonight Ian and I are going to see Rear Window at the dollar theater by my house. Tomorrow I hope to feel 100% better so I can get in the studio and finish it up. I'm so close and yet I still feel like I have so much to do.

Anyway, I hope your weekend had lots of good and very little bad!


  1. I had some bad too - mosly of the crashing headache type which was due to being whomped by allergies - so like you, I got no work done this weekend. boo!

    Played golf on Saturday though and had some friends over for dinner, picked out new furniture for our new "outdoor living room" and I bought a really cute blouse, so yay! :)

  2. I had a mixed weekend too, two birthday parties on Saturday and a memorial service on Sunday. So goes the circle of Life :)
    I also bought some paint to paint my living room, so hopefully soon that will get done.

  3. I just found you from the quilt festival, I'm the one with the water quilt. Your blog is fabulous, I've loved looking at all your quilts. The baby girl quilt you just made is so cute, I love all the fabrics!

  4. There's nothing like a bad headache to stop any kind of progress. I'm glad you are feeling better - here's hoping to 100% tomorrow!


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