Zig-zags again!

And now, for my second project update of the day…I spent the weekend working on this new quilt top:

Freshcut zig-zag quilt top

I’m so happy with how it’s turning out! Can you see it? I cut up my treasured Freshcut fabric and actually used it. As most of you could have guessed, when I said I would wait to make a zig zag quilt, I was lying to myself.

And aren’t you glad I was? Just look at these bright colors all working so well together. I also added a little Amy Butler fabric because the green was a perfect match. And speaking of perfect matches, check out the zig zag corners:

Freshcut zig-zag quilt top

They’re perfect because I’m not using triangles! I can never get triangle points to work out perfectly. I had to modify this tutorial a little bit because I wanted to make my zig-zags larger. They finish at 4” wide which makes each block a finished size of 8”. Also, I wanted to use a different fabric in every row so I had to figure out how many blocks of each fabric pair to make. I used six blocks of each.

Also, I thought about how I wanted to treat the directional fabrics and through careful cutting and then paying attention while I sewed, I managed to keep them going the same direction.

Freshcut zig-zag quilt top

Anyway, this new quilt actually figures into my grand studio plans. I’ll explain it when I post the “before” pictures of the studio, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Wowzers - that is SO pretty! I secretly don't like zigzag quilts - but your choice of colours makes it lovely!

  2. Thanks!

    I like the blendy effect of using these fabrics together...it makes it a little more subtle, but still sassy! ;)

  3. that is amazing, I love your choice of fabric and it all goes together perfect. What size is this going to end up being?

  4. Thanks! It helps that I used fabrics all from the same fabric line (with the one exception). It's all pre-coordinated! It feels like cheating but I don't actually mind because it's so perfect. I've actually tried to match other pinks to the Freshcut fabrics but nothing I have goes well with the peachy pink.

    It should come out to be around 60"x80". I like to keep one side 80" or smaller so I can sew two widths of fabric together to make the back.

  5. i don't think it is cheating at all! That is going to be a good size quilt. I all ready can't wait to work on a baby quilt for a new baby in the family, but I need to wait for the fabric to go on-sale. lol This can turn into a pretty expensive hobby :)

  6. Definitely an expensive hobby! I'm actually perusing etsy right now in search of some new fabric and it's adding up quickly. Yikes!

    I can't wait to see what you decide to make for the new baby. :)

  7. Hey! Zig-zags - it's looks great!!

  8. gorrrrrrrrrrgeous! I really need to learn how to quilt, because your quilts are so amazing. How did you learn? Did you take a local weekend class, or did you find some online tutorials? I don't really know where to start.

  9. Thanks!!

    I learned how to quilt by reading tutorials online. I suppose a real life class could have been helpful but I'm more of a "figure it out in the comfort of my own home" person.

    I joined a block of the month group that posted blocks from this website:


    Each block has cutting and piecing directions so that helps.

    Also, if you haven't seen it already, check out this quilt-a-long:


    Even if you don't want to make that quilt, she gives really great tips about cutting and piecing, etc.

    I really hope you decide to make a quilt. It's so satisfying to curl up in a quilt you made yourself. It's not just any old blanket, it's one you made with your own hands!

    If you have specific questions feel free to email me or, of course, post comments. :) I'd love to be of help if I can.

    crystal dot bergstrom @ gmail dot com

  10. My sister just informed me she wasn't a "chevron quilt" with gray, plum purple, and lime. So I'm looking for a pattern and this one, the blog has been removed! :( I'd love to know how to do it with out doing triangles!! Do you remember??


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