Four days worth of work.

I’m back from my four day cleaning weekend. My arms are sore and I didn't get everything finished but I’m pretty satisfied with the work I accomplished. Remember how messy the studio was?

Well, after countless hours of moving stuff around, a planned trip to Best Buy and an unplanned trip to Ikea, I turned the studio back into a living room:

living room

The storage room is slated to be my new studio but as that room was the messier of the two, I still have a lot of work to do.

So, until I can get everything settled there, let’s talk more about the living room! Here’s my “couch” which is nice to have because I used to sit on my desk chair to watch movies. Very uncomfortable!


Across from the bed is my new tv and my new tv stand. I’ve been saving up for months to buy a nice tv and I had planned to set it on some low bookshelves I have. I got the bookshelves all set up, all my books put away, set the tv on top and found out pretty quickly that despite holding lots of heavy books, they weren’t strong enough to hold the not-very-heavy tv. Weird. Ian and I took an emergency trip to Ikea and found this monstrosity of a shelf. It’s huge and I love it! If you want to see a few pictures of stuff on my shelves, click through to my flickr page.

new tv stand

I have plans to reupholster the chair and the footstool once I decide which fabric to use. I also want to use the zig zag quilt on the bed once I finish it. I think it'll look great with the wall color. For now, the studio is pretty unusable so it’ll be a little while before I can get in there to do any sewing. I also broke my desk when I moved it from the studio to the storage room so I need to go back to Ikea. Oh darn. ;)


  1. Very nice!! I envy you your living space!

  2. Wow! It looks great! You have really been working hard. I love the shelves - it really makes the room feel like the TV is not the entire focus.

    I am so envious of your beautiful light and lovely wood floors. Totally agree that the zig zag quilt is just right for the bed. It must be so nice to relax in this charming, clean room. WTG!

  3. the shelves are really pretty, and I love your "couch". We have a living room, a family room and televisions in my sewing room and our office, but you know where we go to watch tv? Our bedroom. lol

    the light is amazing. I'm totally envious of it. There are lot of things I love about our talln'skinny Victorian (and a lot I don't) but where ever we live next - THERE WILL BE LIGHT!!!

    Great job. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Believe it or not, these are the only windows that actually get any nice light, despite the fact that other windows face the sun at most times of day. Weird! I think the shiny floor helps.

    Anyway, I do love this room's not at all cluttered which makes me feel at ease. Now, the studio, on the other hand...I don't even want to go in there tonight but I must! I need to finish cleaning.

  5. What an adorable place you have. You did an awesome job of transforming it into a living room, and that is a great tv stand/book shelf. I can't wait to see you what you hang in the space over your "couch". I have a similar spot in my living room and I think I want to make a nice quilted wall hanging, but I don't know what I want. Good luck on your studio

  6. Holy moly you have been workin' your tail off! Nice work! I wish I could find the time to get that organized!


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