Oh the horror!

Ok guys, I'm about to reveal my horribly messy studio. I should probably be embarassed but for some reason, I'm just not. It's in my nature to be this way and I've been this way since I was a child. You see, I set things where they don't belong instead of putting them away and then before I know it, things are out of control!

Anyway, here's my studio as of this morning:


It's messy now but I really do try to keep the studio clean. I dust often and sweep the floors and try to keep the clutter to a minimum. As you can see, I have the zig zag quilt going but I'm going to run out of room once I set out more of the blocks.


  1. No photo of the bedroom? Coward!

  2. Hey, no one asked to see the bedroom. :) And besides, the only piles I have in there are clothes and I can't be the only person to leave piles of clothes everywhere.

  3. Oh my gosh, your studio is amazing. I would kill for a studio space that large. And the mess? Everyone knows that real artists aren't tidy. You can't make real art without making a huge mess. I think a messy studio is a badge of honor.

  4. Thanks! I'm really lucky to have so much space. Living alone has its benefits. :)

    Even if I can use the whole "artists are messy" excuse (which totally makes sense to me!) I really have to get better at cleaning up my old project messes before I start making new project messes. That would solve a lot of the trouble.

    But, I do love my studio and when it's clean, I wish I had more local crafty friends to invite over. :(

  5. I am drooling over your studio and all its space. I have a quarter of my garage to work in.I put up a few pics in my flickr photo pool its sad really. :(
    I envy you my new friend thanks for getting up the courage to share.

  6. Thanks! It took lots of courage to show my messiness to the world.

    I like your sewing space. :) You have everything you need and you made that beautiful quilt. I'd call it all a success!

  7. Wow! I wish my sewing studio was that big like everyone else! Your messiness in your studio made me laugh, because mine always looks like that too about mid-project. Afterwards, it looks even worse. There have been times I've gone on to the next one in that state, but I've found it's actually hindered my creative process.

    Now I clean up after the project is done and begin the next one with a lovely clean slate. someday I'll learn how to clean up WHILE I'm in the midst of a project.



  8. I watched an episode on simply quilts along long time ago on sewing spaces and they interviewed a lady that would ride with her husband in his semi truck and she made a space in the back for her to quilt. I couldn't believe it I thought if she can do it I work with what I got too. lol

  9. I so want to come over and help you clean and organize. Is that so wrong? Ya know, since I'm not actually sewing these days i should be productive somewhere. ;^) You sew - I'll clean.

  10. Jenn...how hilarious would it be to have you over just to organize my stuff? I'd feel terrible, of course, but I do know how sometimes it's more fun to clean/organize other people's stuff. It's like Tom Sawyer and the whitewashed fence, you know?

    Anyway, if you're ever in Minnesota, you can come over to my house and hang out, not clean. We'll have much more fun!


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