An orange mood...

I like to space out my blog posts because I like reading blogs that are updated daily(ish). So, I take lots of pictures and get them all set up and write up posts and then sit on my hands waiting for the next day to come. I don’t want to post everything on one day and then be left with nothing to post on the next two.

But I’m so inspired by the pictures I took this morning that I just can’t stop myself. When you’re in an orange mood…you can’t help it. You have to share it with the world!

orange potholder

Here’s the orange top for the rainbow potholder collection. Only one to go. I received most of my yellow fabric yesterday and washed it up. I would have worked on the yellow top last night but the fabric I wanted the most hadn’t shown up yet. No batting either…I hope they both get here before the weekend.

orange and yellow fabric

orange and yellow fabric

And since I had the orange fabric out and since I like to chain piece when quilting (to save thread because I hate buying thread), I worked on the aqua and orange squares quilt at the same time. I’m losing momentum on this project so I’ve decided to make a small quilt instead of a large one. 4 squares by 5 will make a 40”x50” blanket, perfect for a baby or lap quilt. I have 4 blocks to go…all 4 are already in various stages of completion. It’ll be nice to finish it up. I need to buy backing and then I’ll be all set. Maybe I’ll make it out of fabric I already have…we’ll see.


  1. Just popping by to say "hi"!

    Nice work on posting pretty pictures, and on making beautiful quilts!



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