It's the punching-est!

I had the day off of work yesterday and it was snowing so I stayed in my pajamas all day and quilted.

orange and teal quilt

Three days of sewing and I only have 13 blocks! They’re fun to make but each one takes a long time to finish. 22 more to go.

I love to watch movies when I quilt or do crafts so on Tuesday I watched a million episodes of the 1954-55 tv version of Sherlock Holmes. If you haven’t seen this particular version and you’re a Holmes fan then I recommend you get your hands on a few episodes. Ronald Howard plays a young, fit, confident and good-natured Holmes while Howard Marion-Crawford plays a kind, likeable, non-bumbling Dr. Watson.

My favorite episode is The case of the Baker Street Nursemaids not because it’s about babies but because it’s the episode with the most punching. Most of the episodes have at least one good punch but this one…man…it’s the punching-est episode of them all! Good times.