Finished quilts: 2006

I thought it would be fun to show you the quilts I’ve made in my two short years of calling myself a quilter. First, 2006:

My first quilt!

I wanted a reason to make a quilt so I made one for my boyfriend. I had no rotary cutter or cutting mat, I used ½” seams and I learned to line up squares.


Block Name: Um...a 25 patch?
Blocks: 15”x15”
Sashing: 5”
Finished size: 65”x85”
Quilting: stitch in the ditch
Binding: none (I sewed right sides together and turned…like sewing a pillow)
Backing: mottled red flannel
Memorable movies watched during construction: Episodes of The West Wing
Funny story: once I laid all the squares out on the floor in a configuration I was finally happy with, I walked by my folding screen which accidentally pushed it flat which made it fall onto the floor which sent all my squares flying everywhere.
Lesson learned: always take a picture of your final layout before doing anything else. Also, put a pin at every seam and all your corners will line up.

I made this next quilt for mom for the Christmas of ’06. It’s supposed to look like sand and water and is why I now hate triangle squares.

Sand and water

I really enjoyed plotting out the design...making sure the right colors ended up in the right spot.


Block Name: adapted Shoo-Fly
Blocks: 9”x9”
Border: 4”?
Finished size: 67”x85”?
Quilting: stitch in the ditch
Binding: I wrapped the quilt top around to the back and sewed…instant binding!
Backing: blue green flannel
Memorable movies watched during construction: Phantom of the Opera over and over and over…
Funny story: I was getting frustrated by this quilt and thought a glass of wine would make it easier or, if nothing else, I’d at least have more fun. Then I sewed three blocks together wrong and spent the next hour picking out stitches.
Lesson learned: Check twice, sew once. Also if a block isn’t quite perfect, you can still make it work. Also, pins hurt!

I finished these two quilts in three months. For 2007 I had big plans for new quilts, especially a quilt just for me. The ultimate prize would be mine…or would it?


  1. hey, nice!
    the one for your boyfriend is so cool, with skulls i could possibly even get my brother excited about a quilt.
    i just bought fabric yday, and i think i'm headed toward quilting. i bet it was inevitable my crafting would get to quilting eventually.

  2. How have I never seen these? Nice! :)

  3. Thanks Kit! Not bad for a first and second quilt, right? At least I got all my points to match up which is saying something...there's a lot of points in there!


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