Finished quilts: 2007

2007 was a year of frantic quilting that didn’t result in many finished quilts. Actually, the first quilt I finished wasn’t until November! I can’t even remember how many ufo’s I have in boxes around my house. I can think of at least ten.

Grandma's quilt

I made this quilt for my grandma’s 70th birthday. She loves purple and I loved the Arkansas Crossroads pattern. I was a little sick of quilting large quilts so I made the pieces really small…1.5” squares!

tiny squares!

Block Name: Arkansas Crossroads
Blocks: 6”x6”
Borders: I can’t remember
Finished size: 52”x64”
Quilting: diagonal to follow pattern
Binding: single fold and machine sewn all at once…bad idea
Backing: purple flannel
Memorable movies watched during construction: The entire season of Firefly…twice
Funny story: I don’t think anything bad happened while making this one.
Lesson learned: small quilts with small pieces are just as much work as larger quilts with larger pieces. Triangles are still annoying.

Next we have the cat quilt. I thought it would be fun to make small quilts and since none of my friends had babies, I made one for my brother’s cat. It took me a year to make a few squares and then one day to finish it all up.

Cat quilt

I didn’t actually give this quilt to my brother’s cat…I sort of forgot about it because I didn't like it. I don't like giving away things that I'm not proud to have made but it doesn't really matter. It's a cat quilt! I'll throw it in the wash and wrap it up for christmas this year. Then I don't have to store it anymore.

*edit* My boyfriend requested this quilt for his cat and since my brother doesn't even know this quilt exists and might not even like it, I gave it to Vector (my boyfriend's cat). He got all spazzed when he saw it and flopped around on it for a while (the cat, not the boyfriend). It was pretty unusual for him to take to something like that. I'm glad he liked it. *end edit*

Cat quilt

Block Name: I designed my own
Blocks: 12”x12”
Borders: I can’t remember
Finished size: 41”x41”
Quilting: diagonal to follow pattern
Binding: single fold and machine sewn all at once…bad idea…again
Backing: medium green cotton (main color from front of quilt)
Memorable movies watched during construction: The Graduate
Funny story: Nothing bad happened with this one either.
Lesson learned: batting can be pieced together to make a larger piece.

So that’s it…two finished quilts in 12 months. How disappointing. This surely inspired me to finish more quilts in 2008…right?


  1. wow. a green cat quilt. 'got all spazzed' muhaa :)
    looking forward to clicking on the 2008 quilts now. i will probably ask you, how does one start getting quilt patterns? are they all over the web?


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