Enter Pirates!


Let's see, where did I leave off last time? Oh yes, there was knitting, and lots of it. But, I have been keeping a secret from you all. Since December, I've also been quilting like crazy! I finished one quilt in January and I'm on track to finish another this weekend. Both are gift quilts and I'm very happy to cross them off my to-do list for the year. I'll post more about these later this week.


And I made a mini quilt, the first in a long, long time! I went to a quilt-themed family gathering at the end of January and we did a mini quilt exchange. It was really neat getting to talk to quilty people in person. Plus, they were all really nice and welcomed me with open arms.

moonrise kingdom

I also finished a baby quilt top, finished my Moonrise Kingdom blocks, picked a quilt top from my huge pile of wips, basted it and started hand quilting!

hand quilting

Ian and I also spent an afternoon at the Science Museum and saw Pericles at the Guthrie. Although the play was fun, my favorite part was the picnic under the Endless Bridge.

It really has been a fun couple of months!