Moonrise Kingdom

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? If I could represent my dream life through home décor, this would be it. There would be warm wood and quirky paintings, nooks and crannies filled with field guides and record players and Sunday-school shoes. There would be needlepoint pillows and window seats and plaid everything. And most of all, there would be vintage quilts.

As I was watching the movie (again) this weekend, I paid special attention to the quilts. This time, a particular quilt caught my eye. I'm always on the lookout for vintage quilts that have a traditional AND modern feel. It's hard to define exactly what I'm looking for. I really love an interesting block paired with fun prints, plaids and gingham (like this). Bright colors are best, browns are not my thing.

moonrise kingdom quilt 4

The quilt on the left fits the bill exactly! So busy, so colorful!

I ran to the sewing room that instant and started pulling fabric. I grabbed every print that was busy and felt vintage-y. I pulled stripes and a gingham and then desperately wished I had more gingham!

moonrise kingdom2

I cut 9" squares and paired them up: one small scale print with one geometric/large scale print. I'm not sure what this block is called but it's made up of 4 quarter square triangle blocks. The block is 14" finished (I'm making 20 blocks for a twin/lap quilt).

moonrise kingdom3

So far, I'm LOVING these blocks. They're a great way to use the prints I never seem to use. This quilt is supposed to be busy so you can use just about any print and color.

That said, I have no idea what to use for sashing. I like the busy print from the inspiration photo but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it. Maybe a blue floral on white? Blue on blue print? Maybe dots? I don't know!

moonrise kingdom

I'm planning my October goals and will post them on Thursday. I'm going to make space in my schedule to work on this quilt. I just can't stop thinking about it!


  1. lovely quilt and I adore that movie! I would embrace the busy feel of the blocks and skip sashing myself.

  2. I loooove the quilt you're making! I have that movie on my Netflix list but haven't watched it yet. Now I know I *have* to so I can see the quilts!

  3. haven't seen (nor heard of) the movie! I think I have some gingham fabric Or similar). Not sure it's what you want but I'll send it your way!

    What about not doing any sashing and just do all the blocks together? That would keep it busy without you having to decide on a sashing.

  4. oh and as soon as I googled the movie I knew Sean loved it. He LOVES Wes Anderson movies. and I HATE them. haha! I'll probably watch it just for the quilts ;) Oh and this was filmed in newport, RI, I think when we lived there!


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