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So, after my freak out earlier this week, I sat down and wrote out all the projects that I need to finish by the end of the summer or by the end of the year. And that list was a bit overwhelming.

After another freak out I took a long, hard look at the list and realized that not one of those things needs to be finished. I mean, it's not life or death, right? It's just knitting and sewing pretty things for people. People who have been waiting patiently or who don't even know I'm making something for them.

That realization took off a lot of pressure. These are all things that I want to finish. This will be fun, not overwhelming!

I started with projects I would like to work on a little bit every day, like knitting. I made a calendar with each day's knitting goals...just two rows for Ian's hat, just two rows of a shawl. Easy. Each day I check off my progress and feel good about it.

I think the key to this type of goal-setting is to leave a few days each week blank. If I keep up with my goals, I will have some free days to work on anything I want. If I fall behind, I actually have time to catch up.

For larger items like quilts, making the list helped me figure out my priorities. First up: quilting all the quilts that already have backs ready to go. I like to finish up at least two quilts at once. It saves time only having to take out the humongous roll of batting once, setting up the machine for quilting once, setting it up for binding once. Anything to keep the momentum going helps!

Once those are finished, I'll sew up some quilt backs and finish up the next couple of quilts. My to-do list is totally doable!

I even found a way to fit in making a new quilt with my birthday fabrics. Each night I pick one fabric and cut all the pieces I need to make a Swoon 16 block. I put the pieces in a box, put the scraps away, fold up the remaining piece of fabric and put it in my stash. Cutting up a bright and pretty piece of fabric each night is a refreshing treat and in a month I'll have enough pieces to start sewing my quilt.

I'm trying to keep things slow and steady, trying not to get burned out. Little bits, everything will slowly be finished on time.


  1. I think this is a great plan you have going, and I just might follow it myself, since I am also behind in finishing projects. Good luck.


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